Treasure Chest Virgin Hair believes that everyone woman should feel beautiful at every moment. Treasure Chest Virgin Hair was established in 2009 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by Owner/CEO Tamara Starks who had a sincere passion for uplifting women and accentuating their beauty. Since then, Treasure Chest Virgin Hair has evolved into a powerhouse brand with superior products in both quality and price. We have a direct relationship with our oversea suppliers, which allows us to maintain competitive prices and decrease shipping time. We believe that every woman should feel beautiful inside and out every moment of every day. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products to women and strive to build good relationships with our clients so every purchase is a luxury experience. We are the “Premier Hair of the South.”


Tired of Your Look?

We pride ourselves in providing quality products to women that understand beauty is both inside and out. It is our goal to build relationships with our clients to ensure that every purchase with Treasure Chest Virgin Hair is a luxury experience because we are the "Premier Hair of the South".