How many bundles do I need for a full sew in?

  • 10-16 inches 2 bundles
  • 16-22 inches 3 bundles
  • 24 and higher 4 to 5 bundles


Can I dye Treasure Chest Virgin Hair?

Yes you may dye your hair. We strongly suggest that you have a professional color your hair to ensure that your extensions come out the color requested.


Can I flat iron my Treasure Chest Virgin Hair?

Yes because TCVH is natural human hair you can flat iron, blow dry, or dye. We recommend that you limit the amount of heat that is used to prevent damaging your hair.


Must Treasure Chest Virgin Hair be co washed before installation?

Yes we strongly suggest that all hair is co washed and air dried before installation to bring the hair to its original luster and curl pattern.


Do I have to seal my wefts?

Yes you should to protect your investment and longevity of your extensions, it will prevent shedding immediately and over time.  All hair sheds but sealing will definitely help slow down the process of losing more stands over time. We sell a weft sealer specifically formulated for extensions. (link to product)  We do not recommend that you use fabric sealers for your hair extensions. 


Can I cut the weft?

To limit the amount of shedding of your extensions we do not suggest that you cut your weft. If you have to seal your wefts and the cut ends at each cut.


Do you offer refunds?

No refunds. Please refer to the Returns and Exchanges section.


How long will my hair last?

With proper care and maintenance your extensions can last YEARS. I never really have a reason to throw my extensions away because they have been cared for and maintained until I’m ready to wear them again.


What color is your hair?

All Virgin Hair is natural 1B but can sometimes be lighter based upon the location of the donor.


Does this hair shed?

Extensions that have gone through the wefting process may have loose hairs caught within the bundles that may not be attached to the weft. This is absolutely normal and is very minimum. So any shedding will not cause a decrease in the volume or density of your bundle. Proper maintenance is extremely important and suggested.


Does Treasure Chest offer a wholesale program?

Yes Treasure Chest does offer a wholesale program! If you would like more information in regards to our program please send an email to