Virgin Hair Facts:

Once the hair is cut from the donor's head, the hair is not able to produce its own moisture. Therefore, moisture has to be added by deep conditioning the hair, and leaving a light leave in conditioner or applying a light serum/argon oil to damp hair, then let air dry.

Virgin hair, just as our hair, will tend to get split ends. You can either trim the ends, or to keep length of hair, simply apply a serum or argon oil to the ends of the hair for temporary results.

Care and Maintenance.

With virgin hair extensions you will have minimal to no shedding, and no tangling, but you have to maintain and properly care for your hair. Your hair can last up to 12 months or more. You must keep your hair clean. When dirt accumulates on the hair, it will start to tangle. Too much hair products and leave-in conditioners will cause the hair to feel dry and heavy and it will tangle much faster. To avoid this, your virgin hair should be washed at least once a week or every 7-10 days.

Protect your investment and add longevity to your hair by sealing your wefts. Weft reinforcement will prevent any shedding over time. So don't forget to add Treasure Chest Weft Sealer to your shopping cart.

Shampoo and Conditioning.

We recommend that you wash your hair by using a spray bottle or gradually wetting the hair, and combing(using a wide tooth comb or fingers) the hair starting from the ends and gradually making your hair to the top of the weft. When finished, it is best to towel dry the hair and let it air dry. Low to medium heat can be used to blow dry hair. But Too much heat can definitely damage the hair.

When installing your virgin hair be sure to sew around the weft not through the weft. Breaking the weft can cause shedding. Try not to cut the wefts but if you do be sure to seal the ends with Treasure Chest Weft Sealer.

Never sleep on wet hair! Make sure your hair is completely dry. Do not over blow dry your hair as it can cause it to lose its natural shine.

When sleeping, exercising or swimming, we recommend that you braid the hair in a few braids to avoid tangling.

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