Custom wigs Arlington

  •  Ideal for those busy ladies looking for a protective hairstyle without the hassle getting your hair done.

  •  Made with a breathable wig cap that adjusts to fit, using the hair you purchase to fit your personal style.

  • Add this easy to maintain custom U-Part for curved center part, L-Part for a side part or V-Part for a center part wig to your order today! The hair you will buy will be sewn by our talented wig designer.

  • All wigs will come with clips inside as well as the ability to sew the wig around the perimeter of your scalp.

  • You will be able to wash and style your custom piece as desired. FREEDOM will come with this purchase and you will be a fan for life!

Enjoy the option of our custom wigs for one low flat rate.

Please remember to order both your bundled hair and wig from the site when ordering. Please contact us if you are unsure about the number of bundles you will need to make your wig.