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Virgin hair extensions are a great way to give you the head of hair you want, but just like your natural hair, they require some specific care. When the hair is cut from the donor, it can no longer produce moisture and natural oils to keep the hair healthy. Thus, you need to keep it hydrated by deep conditioning it. You’ll want to leave a light leave-in conditioner in the hair or put in a light serum or argon oil to damp hair. Let the hair air dry after apply it.

Like our hair, virgin hair extensions get split ends. A serum or argon oil can help prevent or help these split ends, and you can always trim them, just like your hair.

Virgin hair extensions have minimal to no shedding and tangling with proper maintenance. With the proper care, your hair can last 12 months or more. Keep the hair clean. Dirty hair will tangle. Too many hair products including conditioners will make hair feel dry and heavy and it’ll tangle faster. So wash at least once a week to avoid these problems.

As for washing your hair, the best way is to use a spray bottle or gradually wet the hair. Then comb through it with a wide tooth comb or your fingers, starting at the end, and working up to the weft. When you’re done, towel dry and let the hair air dry. If you ...Thu, 15 Aug 2013 16:16:59 -0600